Eve Glicksman

Eve Glicksman

Writer, Editor, Content Manager

Managing Editor, news site, for natl. association in DC. Past: managing editor for consumer website; publications manager for a nonprofit; freelance journalist, and communications consultant.

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Goodwin article

Interview with Doris Kearns Goodwin

Goodwin is lively, gracious, and (of course) knowledgeable.

Torture article

Helping Torture Survivors Build a New Life

"People come to the doctor with their symptoms, not their stories."

Physicians treat trauma stemming from human rights abuses.

2013 04 transgender tcm7 152241 article

Transgender today

Throughout history, transgender people have been misunderstood and seldom studied. That’s beginning to change.


Transgender terminology: It's complicated

Learn the proper terms. (sidebar)

Bagelassortment article
simply the best

The Bagelization of America

Essay on the history of the bagel.

Testtube blood article

Doomed to Die

Despite the availability of prenatal screening tests, Tay-Sachs, Canavan, and other genetic diseases with a Jewish link still bring tragedy to some families.

Jester article
water's edge

The Phantom Formula

A peek backstage behind a live Phantom of the Opera production.

Laugh article
Los Angeles Times

What's So Funny?

Sit-Coms: Can the laugh track, please.

Ethics article

What Do I Do? Teaching Doctors How to Navigate Tough Ethical Questions

Physicians make decisions every day that have an ethical or moral component. How can medical school students and residents be trained to do the right things?

Doctorcareer article article

Wanting It All: A New Generation of Physicians Seeks Work-Life Balance

Can we change the culture of medicine to accommodate physicians who want more time outside of work? (See p. 6)

Short stay article
elegant wedding

Taming the In-Laws

Tips for getting along with your beloved's family.

Roommate article
The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Roommates: When Sharing a Living Space Goes Awry

Tales from the front line.

2012 10 autism tcm7 142220 article

Earlier autism interventions

New research is advancing our understanding of autism and highlighting the need for earlier interventions.

Unconsciousbias data article article

Unconscious Bias in Academic Medicine: Overcoming the ...

Medical schools are trying to train students, residents, and faculty to overcome the prejudices they don't know they have.

Rainbow article
holy redeemer health system

Drueding Center/ Project Rainbow

Annual Report for a shelter for homeless women and children. I was the project manager and writer.